Wildlife Park

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Discover Scottish wildlife
and endangered animals of the world's mountains and tundra in a spectacular setting less than 5 miles away





There are currently two male polar bears, Walker, a young male polar bear arrived in October 2010.  In April 2012 they welcomed another male called Arktos. 

The two have become inseparable friends and have formed a very close bond.


 Snow Monkey 

A group of twenty-two Japanese Macaques.
Six males, eleven females, one infant born in 2011and four youngsters
born in 2012

Excellent viewing area from the patio of the cafe.  Enjoy watching
their amazing acrobatics!!


Amur Tiger

There are two Amur tigers, a female 

called Dominika, and  Marty (pictured). 

It is hoped that he will become a mate for Dominika.


In summer 2009 three camels arrived from Edinburgh Zoo.  Two females, Caramel and Khara, and one younger male, Karnali.

Bactrain Camels in the Wild

Bactrian camels are found in the Gobi desert and the grasslands of Asia. They were domesticated in an area called Bactria, near present-day Iran, over four thousand years ago


Scottish wildcats

Eleven Scottish Wildcats.
Two adult males and three adult females. Thee are also two kittens born in April 2012, one male and one female, plus a further four kittens, one female and three male born in July 2012.



The Wildlife Park has a wide and diverse range of animals and lots more to see.

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